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These lovely coasters are made with 100% cotton which is washable at 30 degrees and can be cool tumbled. We have also used safety eyes and polyester toy stuffing.

Our turtle family includes Purtle - She likes shiny pretty things and Early Grey tea. Believes in spreading joy and glitter wherever she goes.

Durtle - Bit of a rogue, always up to something he probably shouldn't be. Heart of gold, everyone loves a bad boy.

Jurtle - Enjoys knitting and on a warm Summer's day. Often found baking cakes for her many children.

Eurtle - A bit shy but truly the brains of any operation. Can convince anyone to do almost anything. Likes carrot cake.

Winston - Likes swimming in circles. Never accept a challenge to arm wrestle, he will win.

Burtle - The academic. Loves a good book, the dustier the better. Favourite meal is cottage pie.

Turtle coasters

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